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We Design and Manufacture batteries for Electric vehicles, UPS, Solar and Wind Energy Systems, Telecommunications, Power Plants and a host of Industrial applications.

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Founded in 2008, Greenvision Technologies is a leading provider of energy storage solutions under the brand RELICELL. Managed by seasoned professionals with extensive experience in diverse areas, Greenvision specialises in research, design, and manufacturing of batteries for varied applications such as UPS standby power, emergency lighting, solar and wind energy storage, telecommunications power supply, electric vehicles, and railway signalling systems.

Our Products

AGM VRLA Batteries

Relicell AGM VRLA batteries are high quality, maintenance-free batteries produced at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with advanced battery manufacturing technologies and high purity materials. It has a long float and cyclic life span, high specific energy, and low self-discharge rate. Completely leak-proof, it has excellent anti-corrosion properties and performs flawlessly in varying temperature conditions.

Tubular Gel Batteries

Relicell Tubular GEL batteries are sealed maintenance free batteries with tubular positive plates and pasted negative plates, with a special gel electrolyte made by mixing acid with pyrogenic silica. The tubular spines are casted at | 100 bar pressure thereby ensuring high compression and packing of lead, that gives it very good capability to withstand deep cycle applications and provides superior performance and reliability even in adverse climatic conditions.


Relicell has an extensive service network with service centers at 37 locations and engineers at 100+ locations. Relicell is known today for its quality, backed up by efficient and prompt service.

Relicell batteries come with a warranty period ranging from one year to three years depending on the product range and application. Warranty support could be “On Site” or “Return To Bench” depending on the model. Please refer to the comprehensive warranty policy for more details and terms of warranty.

Battery Manufacturing Company in India

Relicell Battery stands at the forefront of battery manufacturing in India, renowned for its unwavering dedication to crafting top-tier batteries. As a leading name in the industry, our commitment to excellence shines through in our extensive lineup of products. Specializing in VRLA & AGM Battery, we blend advanced technology with unparalleled performance, ensuring reliability at every turn. Experience innovation and dependability as you delve into the dynamic offerings from one of the nation’s foremost battery manufacturers.

Empowering Tomorrow: Leading Battery Manufacturers in India - ReliCell Battery

ReliCell Battery stands among the premier battery manufacturing companies in India, renowned for producing high-quality batteries. As leading battery manufacturers in India, our commitment to excellence is evident in our diverse range of products. Specializing in AGM VRLA Batteries and Tubular Gel Batteries, we ensure cutting-edge technology and superior performance. With a reputation raised on January 2024, we provide detailed insights into our advanced battery solutions. Explore the pinnacle of innovation and reliability as you discover the power-packed offerings from one of the foremost battery manufacturers in the country.

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