Flooded Battery Advantage:

  • Can be used in extreme conditions like high temperature, since electrolyte loss due to high temperatures can be compensated by frequent topping up of distilled water.
  • Lower Cost per AH compared to SMF batteries.

Flooded Battery Disadvantage:

  • Regular topping up and maintenance required, otherwise battery will die.
  • Gases generate unpleasant odour, hence cannot be used in regular office environment.
  • Needs to be stored / used in vertical position.
  • Needs far more space than SMF batteries.

SMF Battery advantage:

  • No topping up required.
  • Environment friendly and can be used in office environment.
  • Can be stored / used in any position.
  • Requires very less space.

SMF Battery disadvantage:

  • Cannot be used in extreme conditions, since water loss cannot be compensated by topping up. Life of SMF battery comes down by half for every 10 degree rise in temperature. Typical life is 250-300 cycles at 100% DOD at 25 degree Celcius.
  • Can be used only with UPS or any device with clean DC charging. Use with inverters that has a high ripple content in the charger will lead to shortened life of the plates.