Operating environment

  • Operating temperature range of -15 to +50 degree Celsius. Recommended normal operating temperature is between 15 – 30 degree Celsius. High temperature will reduce battery life dramatically. A ten-degree rise in temperature will reduce battery life by half for VRLA sealed maintenance free batteries.
  • Relative Humidity less than 90%
  • Ensure adequate ventilation where the batteries are fitted.
  • Avoid direct sunshine
  • Keep far from fire and heat
  • Keep far from chemical reagent or solvent
  • Keep battery clean and dry.


  • There’s no free electrolyte present in the VRLA maintenance free battery to affect the customer during handling. However acid can leak due to container crack or damage. Flooded batteries have free acid, and will spill if not handled carefully. If exposed to acid, do the following.
    • Drops of acid on clothing: Treat with soap and water. Rinse it with large quantity of water before drying it.
    • Drops of acid in eyes: Rinse continuously for about 5 minutes in clean running water and then immediately consult a doctor.
  • Batteries should not be kept in air tight enclosures / closed units / systems which does not have ventilation. Adequate ventilation should be provided.
  • For Aquasafe batteries, do not fill up electrolyte right up to the brim of battery container. The electrolyte should be at least 15 mm below the container cover. This is very important, if there’s no free space between electrolyte and container cover, excessive pressure can build up within battery container if there’s sustained overcharge or charger malfunction.