Greenvision Technologies Pvt Ltd – manufacturer of Relicell, hereinafter called the “Company”, warrants Relicell batteries to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service and under normal operating conditions as per the detailed terms and conditions outlined in this policy. Its obligation under this warranty is limited to repairing or replacing, at its sole discretion, such defective products. All liability under this warranty will cease on the expiration of the warranty period.

Warranty Conditions

  • Warranty is against manufacturing defects only.
  • Warranty is for “specified period” from date of sale from the “Company” / from the “Authorized National Distributor”, OR from date of installation at site of original end customer, whichever is earlier. Warranty is restricted and conditional for use under certain applications. Refer Annexure I for details of warranty period and approved applications for battery usage.
  • For determining whether warranty is applicable, the End Customer / Channel Partner /OEM has to produce the copy of the purchase invoice from the Company/National Distributor with the serial number mentioned on the invoice. In the absence of a proof of purchase, warranty will be determined from the product serial number.
  • End customers / Channel Partners / OEM’s are advised to log in a service request with Company on +91 9535566442 or email to The call will be attended to within the defined response & resolution norms given in ANNEXURE II. Warranty replacement will be given once the Company technician has inspected the customer site and ascertained the cause of failure. The channel partner / OEM may offer standby batteries if required, but the defective batteries should be kept at site to enable the technician to carry out tests properly.
  • With regard to claims the Company’s decision is final and binding. The right to determine whether or not a battery needs recharge or replacement rests with the Company.
  • In case the battery is replaced, the defective battery will become the property of the Company and no scrap rebate will be given for it. The warranty period on the battery being replaced shall commence from the date of sale of the original battery and not from the day it was replaced.
  • Adjudication and settlement of the claim is a time bound process since the battery has to be tested for the reported failure. Replacements against warranty claims will be provided as per the timeframes defined in Annexure II. The dispatch of batteries would be done from nearest company location where the replacement battery is available and through reputed courier companies, and timeframe for resolution is based on estimated shipment times. Any delay in shipment due to reasons beyond the control of the company will not constitute any breach of commitment on resolution times.
  • In case a battery model is phased out, the company reserves the right to provide any other model of the same capacity suited to the application as settlement of warranty.
  • It Is explicitly understood that the company will not be liable or responsible for any mishap or accident involving it’s battery/ batteries and /or resulting in any hurt or Injury to any person(s) as well as for any damage or loss of any kind, whatsoever. No claim or liability on these accounts will be admitted or entertained under any circumstances.
  • Routine maintenance of Flooded Batteries are not in scope of warranty or support from the company. The purchaser of the battery is required to understand the maintenance requirements from where they’re purchasing the battery, and accordingly adhere to the same, failing which warranty will be void.
  • Charging of discharged batteries at customer site by company technician is not in scope of warranty.
  • Any service or support beyond the scope of warranty will be provided on a “best effort” basis at a cost.
  • In case of any assistance, customers are requested to contact the company service center / write to
  • Customers are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to these conditions at the time of purchase.